Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring, 2013. Today is Tuesday. This past Saturday, I attended a concert in a large church full of fragranced people. Today I feel not too bad, the inevitable sinusitis is almost gone, my energy is adequate, mood good - this is great recovery! The time it takes to get over the illness from exposures to fragrances continues to decline; I'm thrilled!

It gives me great hope that eventually Environmental Illness,  which developed in 2005 after I started using mercury-laced Bi Yan Pian to treat sinusitis arising from multiple mercury dental fillings,  will be overcome or at least subside to a more manageable level. Then at last I will not have to suffer such isolation, being unable to be with people or in buildings without becoming too ill to function for days.

Since Saturday I have been tired, sleeping 10-12 hours at night plus two or three hour-or-two long naps, had sinus pain and congestion with a mild degree of infection, plus mental confusion and emotional strain - all typical reactions to chemical exposure, but my energy was not as severely depleted as in the past. I have been able to go out each day for errands and do simple things at home like practice guitar lessons, do email, prepare meals and wash dishes.

Previously (last year) after similar exposures I was too exhausted to go out or do anything other than basic survival functions. Four to seven years ago I would sleep pretty much around the clock for three days after being at a concert, be unable to use a computer and too ill to go out for a week. That's been very gradually improving since starting on CPAP in the fall of 2009 (pressurized breathing machine at night so lungs still get air when I stop breathing due to sleep apnea, another poison effect).

Since amalgam removal was completed last December my muscle strength is much better and mind clearer. There is still lengthy detoxification ahead,  to remove accumulated mercury over the eight years of tainted pills, plus that released during dental drilling; then it remains to be seen how much of the organ damage is permanent and what harms can be reversed.

For the moment I am so happy not to have to be in the dentist's chair until next December! Although grateful for the care, I hate having dental work done. So I am looking at how to prevent cavities through hygiene and diet. My dentist gave me an essential oil substitute for toothpaste (manufacturers put nasty things like formaldehyde in toothpaste; it's not on the label!).

I still have a mountain of research to do on mercury effects and detox options. Three severe chest infections since October plus ongoing sinusitis plus other stressors have made it impossible for me to do much studying. Now with winter over I will try to get through the materials gathered and make sense of it all.

Meanwhile, I continue with daily supplements as described earlier - MSM, trace minerals, omega 3 oils, vitamins B & D, coQ10. There is new information questioning anti-oxidant supplementation so I stopped the grapeseed extract until I know more. Also now taking a week off some supplements every month to avoid habituation. Ongoing:  psyllium twice a day with chlorophyll (instead of chlorella, to which I have an allergic reaction), a diet high in fibre, greens and water,  ayuvedic teas and spices, reflexology, Body Talk, Reiki. All good helps.

Happy spring!