Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer fun

August 19, 2013

Painting plans postponed, three paints tested all made me too ill. Next spring will try some others.

Volunteer gardening "seva" (yogic service) at a rural yoga centre is giving me refreshing breaks from city dwelling. I planted a vegetable garden and help weed some ornamental flower gardens. Staying in a cozy cabin in the woods for multi-day visits has quickly generated a more normal sleep/wake routine, and the centre's vegetarian status means I eat more fruits and vegetables than usual - hoping it will help to establish better routines back in the city.

Mercury in muscles means after working more than one and a half to two hours at a time causes painful, incapacitating spasms and cramps to occur. One day strong tremors occurred in one hand after too much digging, a cardinal sign of mercury poisoning. Sometimes spasms come during the night following an overly strenuous day.

Generally:  happy to have far more energy mentally and physically than a year ago before amalgams were gone. One nap a day suffices now (if no acute sensitivity reactions occurring.) Being able to think well enough to quickly plan a last minute trip to the centre this week was my latest success; grateful for all the detox help from Herbalist, Homeopathist, Quantum Touch healer, Body Talk helper, Reiki friends.

On the other hand, inappropriate behaviour  of a medical practitioner now forces me to engage in a professional college investigation. Being chronically ill makes one dependent on so many people, not all of whom are free of dysfunctional behaviour - "wounded healers", or worse, predators. Many years ago I suffered the abuse of one such predator and now this recent incursion is giving me flashbacks to those days and a recurrence of depressive illness.

Relying on Grace to get me through, one day at a time. After many years of searching to understand spiritual experiences that happened through this long "dark night", finally the Pathwork lectures shed light on my journey:  there is a higher purpose to everything in our lives.

Beautiful weather is making a fine end to a lovely summer; may the sun shine inside and out.

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