Sunday, 12 February 2012

Friday (2 days ago), family doctor called Ontario Poison Centre to report my poisoning via Bi Yan Pian, recalled by Health Canada last Sept. for having ten times the legal limit allowed for mercury (Chinese herbal remedy for sinusitis I used for 8 years, recommended by a  naturopathic nutritionist).

The Centre responder took down some basic info and said their toxicologist will get back to us.

Now the waiting. There is a lot of that in our medical system. Meanwhile: epsom baths 3x/week reduce muscle cramps and spasms, skin rashes, irritability, nervousness. After showering off the salts from a 12-minute bath (2 cups in a tub) I apply oil to my skin to nourish nerves (a Cayce remedy "Aura Glow") Continuing with supplements daily:  vitamins (B complex, C 1 G, more when sicker, D 3000 iu*),  minerals, omega 3, Evening Primrose oil, coQ10 100 mg, sulfur (MSM) 3x/day.

*vit D -was at 4000 iu/day (as prescribed by physician after blood levels tested a few years ago, was rock bottom then came up to normal on supplements, 2000 i.u. during summer, 4000 winter); reduced it recently after an episode of heart pounding (listed side effect on med sheet) altho I think that was from a blood pressure (B.P.) medicine, Coversyl, now weaned off, as I think it was the cause of angina Dec. 30. My B.P. I monitor by machine 2-3x daily, is back to normal now Bi Yan Pian has been stopped (since Nov., 2011).

I was taking selenium 100ucg/day but now believe dietary sources are sufficient, eat Brazil nuts now and then, will increase that to once a week, but selenium is common in everyday foods (as long as you do not live in areas like parts of China that have selenium-poor soil. Maybe post amalgam removals will increase intake for a couple of weeks.

May have found a physician to help me sort out detox protocols, am waiting to hear back, will post about that later.

As Terry Wahls describes, it is better to get nutrients from food not from pills. It is wonderful to have fresh, colourful foods easily available in my urban environment, just have to walk to the grocery store.

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