Sunday, 11 November 2012

Boy, time sure flies. It is November already. For months I have been feeling too overwhelmed  to continue my research into mercury to any great extent, or add to my blog. 'Denial' I suppose. I started working with a helper this week to try to get over this paralysis.

When amalgams are removed, mercury vapour is released by the drilling, so even with measures to minimize absorption (oral dam, vacuum, separate air supply, room air filters) some mercury is added to the body load. After amalgam removals  symptoms arise right away, such as lots of hair falling out of my scalp, muscle cramps/twitches/spasms, edema in legs and feet, mental fog, irritability.

Since last November (2011) I have been on an accelerated program of removal of the eleven remaining amalgams in my mouth, having had four removed in the previous ten years. My prior dentist's old school thinking was to take amalgams out "when ready" - old and worn. At that point the mercury has been leaking out for many years. The correct attitude is to get all amalgams out as soon as possible because it is poisoning the body as long as it remains, and because even once out it takes many years to clear from tissues (half life of fifteenyears - see item #6 on this website), so get them out and let the body start to recover.

After some amalgam removals I felt immediate improvements in energy levels and mental clarity. Here is an interesting meridian chart connecting specific teeth with different parts of the body.

At least two of my teeth were cracked from amalgam expanding and contracting, allowing mercury to exit - no doubt explaining why saliva on my facial skin caused a rash. Some amalgams were so corroded they looked like orange peel,  indicating large amounts of mercury had been released.

I am now down to three, in the lower right quadrant; three quadrants are mercury-free! Yay! I feel the difference in my face - less tension, less sinus irritation, no longer living in "sinusitis hell" although sinuses do get inflamed when exposed to fragrances and chemicals, this is the Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

I use homeopathic remedies ( "Nat Mir" and Dr. Reckeweig #49 -I'm not endorsing this site, just giving a link that shows what is in this sinus treatment - mercury formulations most notably) and nasal saline rinses (yogic "jala neti" (again, not a site endorsement, just a link that shows what it is) - essential, minimum twice a day) to prevent sinusitis. Too many exposures to fragrances or chemicals knocks out my immune system, like the past two weeks - chills and fever followed excessive exposures, acute sinusitis became a throat and chest infection; I kept those minimal using goldenseal and lungwort herbs along with homeopathy, Reiki self treatment, rest, extra vitamin C. I continue to take the supplements established earlier in the year: vitamin B, C, D, omega 3 oil, sulfur, trace minerals, calcium-magnesium, coQ10, recently adding grapeseed extract for antioxidation.

This week to my arsenal of detox tools I added lymph massage with immediate results in urinary and stool elimination; people say I look brighter, I feel it.

In August I had two amalgams removed at one time. One took the dentist longer than expected to clean out. The 'freezing' wore off. At two previous visits this happened, freezing wearing off mid-procedure, after about 45 minutes. At the last visit it happened twice and in total the dentist gave me six needles instead of the usual two. I overdosed on it, had severe double vision that took an hour to resolve and extremely high blood pressure (around 200/130) that took a couple of hours to come down. It was not fun.

Now I will only allow one filling at a time to be removed so a short period of anesthesia ("freezing") will suffice. I will use a Body Talk technique to help myself relax in the dental chair, never easy.

Yesterday I visited a friend about to undergo mastectomy for breast cancer; I am reminded to be grateful for what I do have and not indulge in self pity. A breast lump recently turned up and was found to be benign - mercury may predispose to cancers. My herbalist cancelled the astragulus she had me on as it can contribute to tumour growth.

I am grateful for friends and family, for beautiful fall weather and a warm, dry bed with electrical service, unlike the poor people in the New York area after hurricane Sandy swamped them, then a wintry snowstorm. Many good things to focus on - like guitar lessons I just started and really enjoy. Happy! Life goes on.

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