Monday, 31 December 2012

Dec. 31, 2012 on the cusp of a new year. 2 weeks ago I had my last two mercury amalgams removed. ***Celebration***!  Immediately I felt an improvement in my overall energy levels and muscle strength. The following day walked about 40 minutes easily, with no muscle weakness or dis-coordination, no asthma, no exhaustion (for years have had exercise intolerance, all those symptoms plus swelling of muscles, with pain, also in the joints, with intense activity such as a brisk 20-minute walk).

Three weeks prior to that I had a single filling removed, being unwilling to risk a longer procedure to take out the two my dental toxicologist would normally take out at once, due to the bad experience of anesthetic overdose in the session before that; I was extremely anxious being in the dental chair again. I am never comfortable in that situation, always tense, this was probably the worst ever. I use my deep relaxation training such as diaphragmatic breathing, and 'energy medicine' tools to help myself relax (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Body Talk).

When I was a child my family had a dentist who did not believe in using freezing for children. We had our teeth drilled with no anesthetic. I would be sitting in the waiting room anticipating my turn as I listened to my brother in there ahead of me, screaming. Not good memories, and a lifelong aversion to dentistry!

So now I have completed this year-long course of removal of mercury and other toxic metals from 11 teeth (4 others having already been de-mercuried during the previous ten years). Big sigh of relief. Now the serious detox can begin.

I have read and heard contradicting opinions as to whether to do intensive detoxification of body tissues while mercury is still present in the teeth. After reviewing it all I chose to wait until after mercury is out of teeth to do deep detox.

I've been doing gentle homeopathic and herbal treatments to support organ function (so liver and kidney, e.g., can do their natural detoxifying jobs) and some detox after amalgam-removals which exposed me to mercury during drilling. Apart from that I've used Dr. McGuire's list of supplements to develop a personal supplements routine. Previous posts have gone into this in detail.

It is *very important* not to just jump into supplementation without researching every item and getting expert advice (not the 'expert' at the health food store, or 'nutritional consultant', but a Naturopathic doctor or physician or pharmacist - I've used all three, plus draw on my own health sciences degree, B. Sc. N., to evaluate the huge amount of information available). Despite that, I learned the hard way:  when an Environmental Physician prescribed a multi-element supplement I trusted it without looking at every item in detail. I was so sick and exhausted I just never took the time to go through the list of ingredients until I began to research mercury poisoning in 2011. Four years had passed before I discovered some of the contents were allergens contributing to chronic ear problems, depression, and other symptoms.

My dentist, certified by Dr. McGuire, and studying Naturopathy, recommends using supplements on a schedule of 3 weeks on, 1 week off, to avoid habituation which would lessen effectiveness. I have not been doing that, so will begin to take breaks as recommended.

I am now on my fourth round of a 3-week detox using an herb which is controversial because of its liver and kidney damaging potential if inappropriately used. I am supervised by a Clinical Herbalist and follow her directions exactly. It clears my mind wonderfully, and my mercury symptoms are significantly less. I no longer am losing my balance several times a week, have not fallen since the summer; muscles are stronger, no longer have days when it is hard to just lift my arms or get up from the sofa; no more cramping or spasms (unless exposed to chemicals I'm sensitive to). In several months have had no further episodes of being unable to comprehend someone's speech or being unable to speak myself (terrifying!), just trouble with vocabulary and slight stuttering sometimes. My memory is better, can converse comfortably and remember what people have just said to me, recall things like who-was-that-actress-in-that-film, or what did I eat for breakfast. Less spaced-out and forgetful. All-in-all the brain is obviously doing better. Thank God.

Many, many reasons to be thankful, I start this new year with great gratitude and high hopes. May you all have a blessed and happy year.

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