Thursday, 12 January 2012

Coping with exposures that trigger mercury symptoms (yesterday had to shop):

  • Wear R95 respirator when indoors. Was planning to walk but extreme cold with harsh wind got me on a bus, kept respirator on as always on buses.
  •  Keep indoor air exposure as brief as possible. 
  • Avoid places with perfumes - had to do business in Shoppers Drug Mart, got thru it as fast as I could.
  • Returning home, "balance the gates" using acupressure massager:  ten meridian points that can stop reactions quickly and completely sometimes. 
  • Rinse sinuses with salt/bicarb solution. 
  • Rest.
  • Massage reflexology foot points. Severely sore spot on large toe, representing brain.
  • Muscles were twitching around mouth and in legs. Soaked 20 min. in espsom salts bath. 
  • Supplements:  calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, sulfur, vitamins and others.
Today, tired and hard to think, typical the day after shopping. Usually sinusitis kicks in by day two.

Life of course carries on without regard for mercury issues and I spent hours the last couple of days dealing with a tenancy issue corresponding with City Hall and landlord. Mental efforts are difficult and tiring, emotions ran high, mood changes can come on fast, somebody got an earful. Now I understand "mercurial temperament".

So, today - a break! Spent a few hours visiting and singing with a friend. Good comfort. Life is challenging and life is sweet, too. Grateful for friendly visits by people who are careful to be scent-free without needing reminders, I can forget about all that and feel relatively normal for a while. It is good.

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