Monday, 9 January 2012

A link to an excellent video on the power of eating the right foods to recuperate brain cells, by Dr. Terry Wahls who was disabled with M.S. and recovered ability to walk just by eating LOTS of greens, vegetables, berries (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and goodness knows what other great things we aren't even aware of; seaweed (iodine) and high quality protein.  Thanks, Suzanne.

Networking with others who are also exploring recovery strategies is a big help. And fun!

Too tired and brainless today to get anything done, in bed almost all day sleeping -effect of exposures from weekend shopping, plus roasted a chicken last night and tried staying in livingroom adjacent to kitchen wearing respirator; it's not enough. I have to go into the bedroom, close the door, open the window for fresh air until roasting aroma is gone, while running kitchen fan plus livingroom window open with fans.

On these kinds of days I have to just hit the reset button and try again tomorrow, being gentle with myself and letting go of expectations. Prayer helps, "let go and let God". Peace with what is.

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