Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Exhaust fumes exposure today - water main broke up the street, big vehicles spewing fumes outside my bookshop. On arriving home, upper lip peeling.

Telephone consultation with Naturopathic doctor earlier today, went over supplements and self-care. Importance of basics:  rest, nutrition, gentle exercise, relaxation. I love yoga, meditation, music, reading, drawing; need to do these fun things when life gets hectic/stressed, not burn myself out with overworking and futile worrying.

She subscribes to the view that it is good to chelate while amalgams still in, lighten the Hg load, says gentle chelators are r-alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC). They may be gentle relative to DMSA or DMPS but they still have a powerful effect on my body. We discussed dosaging, as ALA gave me insomnia and a feeling like my mind was being stretched like a balloon! NAC gave upset gut, nausea, diarrhea. I will do some more research on the whole question of whether to chelate at all with still 8 amalgams in. Another naturopath in the city counsels against it. Next dental appt. in 6 days, need to make a decision. Have a couple of people to call to hear their experience with this, as patients.

Tiring work.  Not fully recovered from shopping a few days ago, brain needs rest. Another friend has started reading articles I shared, Alzheimer's in her family and other health issues could be about mercury. It is good to have someone to discuss it with. Plus ran into an old acquaintance on the street today and told her about it, she has many amalgams and chronic health issues, may find help here.

Beautiful blue sky today, happy I got out a bit for some fresh air, albeit frigid. I love the little kindnesses people do, holding open doors, e.g.  Climbing over a big snow mound the plow left behind I started falling over, a man came over and helped me up. Made my day.

That and listening to inspirational messages of Abraham Hicks. Fun. So here's a "vortex" story (one of her catch phrases). Pondering the dilemma of needing weight loss for heart health, yet dissolving fat releases mercury = bad for heart. Prayed for guidance. Within 24 hours, listening to A-H youtubes soon heard, "The dilemma you feel faced with has been solved. You just have to let yourself flow toward the solution, not struggle in the interim. Trust that the power of the (life)stream and the worthiness of your being is enough, because it is." Ahh, feels good. So let it be. How's that for quick manifesting?  :-)

I cannot separate the physicality of mercury poisoning from the metaphysics of who I am, they are one and the same.

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