Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mercury combines with chemicals I'm exposed to and creates symptoms. Yesterday I had my guitar out for a few hours and reacted to its shellac. I bought it 21 months ago. I felt nothing while it was out of the case, but woke up 12 hours later, at 5 a.m. with typical mercury symptoms:

wakefulness, hyper/zoomy/agitated feeling, "high"/happy/elated emotional state, itchy scalp; after that 'up' phase came sneezing and nasal congestion, then a 'down' swing:  fatigue/sleepiness, depressed feeling, depleted.

I documented the sensations and feelings as they went thru me and quickly saw the pattern of upswing followed by downswing, all within an hour. Good to know, to recognize what is going on especially when it affects thinking and emotions.

Two of my homeopathic remedies helped, one for allergies, one for sinusitis.

Today still tired and sinusitis from that but enough energy to get out and enjoy the snow falling.

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