Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Grinding teeth can release mercury vapour, according to IAOMT video The Smoking Tooth. Dentists have noted my worn tooth surfaces due to grinding but never made me a mouth guard. I attached a rubber catheter to my CPAP harness so that it passes between my teeth preventing contact between upper and lower surfaces. I had no eye blurring this week since starting that, will continue to monitor to see if it's effective.

Blurry vision on arising has been the norm for years. I thought it was an allergy symptom but vision disturbances are a mercury effect; in extreme cases of acute exposure to very high doses people can go blind. Now I am paying attention to when blurring occurs - during sleep if I'm grinding teeth, or after meals if eating foods that "mobilize" mercury according to Andy Cutler.

Today I seem to be finished the mood swings that took me from elated, expansive, happy feelings Sunday, through depressive fear of death Monday, to anxious and surreal Tuesday. Now back to calm mind and happy mood - so wonderful after years of depression, to feel back to "myself". Still tired, sleeping extra couple of hours in the afternoon. All this following an evening of revelry New Years Eve. Despite scent-free efforts, exposures still happen in large groups of people. I generally avoid crowds and populated indoor spaces but need social contact so occasionally attend events. As my understanding grows, I do so less and less, and now think that's it for parties for now, at least until amalgams out.

More outdoors socializing - walking club to check out. I love walking and being outdoors.

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