Sunday, 8 January 2012

Friday the lab called, homocysteine specimen had to be repeated as it was not sent to Toronto frozen. One more puncture in my elbow vein.

The piece of rubber I attached to CPAP headstrap, to prevent teeth from grinding together (like a horse's bit) which could cause mercury vapour releases at night (explaining morning tiredness and vision blurring), may be actually working! Don't have as much blurry vision.

After shopping on Friday and Saturday am very tired today, moderate sinusitis starting yesterday responding well to two homeopathic remedies, Dr. Reckeweg #49 based mainly on mercury, and Sinusalia. Plus 2 or 3x/day neti cleansing with salt and bicarb solution, that makes a huge difference.

Tomorrow will drop off ECG result (normal) and hair analysis (tricky to interpret) at doctor's and consult re stopping Coversyl blood pressure med as possible culprit in recent angina.

Ongoing research re detox programs and mercury symptoms. Because it can go in just about any cell, it can cause a huge variety of effects. Am compiling a symptom list and will try to correlate amalgam changes with them.

Meanwhile, loving the epsom baths!

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