Saturday, 17 December 2011

Continuing research, reading websites of "biological dentists", their rationales for the testing I decided not to do at a cost of $300 plus. One says negative vs. positive electrical currents on fillings vary and affect outcomes depending on which ones are removed first. I need to look into these ideas more, another doctor says these tests are not valid, do not do what they claim. A dentist in the U.S. who came up with some of tests and ideas in questions lost his licence to practice relating to these issues.

 It's easy to be fooled when you don't understand the specialists language or scientific principles, so must keep looking at both sides of the story from many people's perspectives to get an idea of what's true and false.

Just spoke with a friend whose friend had serious complications when her amalgams were removed, so have asked my friend to get me more on that story. Proceed with caution is the lesson here, get info from people who have 'been there, done that', not just from practitioners with a product to sell for profit.

Meanwhile, I do feel better energy wise since an amalgam was removed in October, in some ways my mental functioning is better, I remember details like what-was-the-name-of-that-movie and don't feel so foggy, not having mood swings unless in the presence of fragrances/chemicals. So still thinking to proceed with removals, but maybe more slowly than suggested monthly schedule, to see effects.

Tonight I will enjoy the Christmas spirit with lovely choir friends, looking forward to a fun break from all this intense research and scary info on mercury. Have I mentioned? I LOVE Christmas. May yours be merry. And if you are sick and suffering, may you find a message of hope and an understanding of Spirit that will be useful to your life journey and bring you joy.

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