Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday, Dec. 23. Urgent visit to dentist this morning to correct sharp edges from Wed. work hurting my tongue. While there received fecal heavy metal test results. Good news and bad news. Bad = high levels of mercury present, also somewhat elevated other toxins I'll have to see what the interpretation of will be - arsenic, cadmium, thallium. The dentist said 'there is more here than we can fix .' I get cigarette smoke in apt. from neighbours, maybe from that, not sure. Maybe more gifts from China. At any rate, mercury is confirmed, that is the good news, to know at long last (25 years!) why so ill and  not able to recover despite constant efforts.

Not that I had any doubt, once I read up on mercury toxicity, because symptoms fit the profile perfectly. Ran into an old friend who suffers from what is diagnosed as "lupus", another chronic degenerative disease. Nobody told her about mercury toxicity in amalgams either. It is a well kept secret apparently.

After eating, right leg puffed up a bit with edema (it always swells more than the left). Lyphosot homeopathic remedy takes good care of that. Need to look more into the issue of sulphur foods/thiols discussed by author Cutler, don't know what to make of it at this point. I do konk out after some meals, nap for a couple of hours. Thought it was a sleep apnea symptom but it may be mercury getting activated by certain foods.

More issues keep popping up their heads. Need a medical consultant I have confidence in. That is my request to Santa.

Meanwhile, must not let all this biz overshadow the joy of Christmas. Having fun wrapping gifts and decorating my home whilst hearkening to favourite tunes. I love Christmas music!And tomorrow my favourite movie - Alistair Sim in Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Can you see him in his long nightgown and nightcap? giggling with glee as his grinchly heart finally opens? I love it. "dHave yourself a merry little Christmas . . .d"

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