Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day One

Last week I finally found the answer to a 25-year search:  why am I so ill?  Mercury poisoning. If you have metal fillings in your teeth, this may interest you. I am going to blog my journey through the maze of mercury rising . . . and departing from my life!

September, 2011, Health Canada recalled Chinese herbal medicine Bi Yan Pian, due to high mercury levels. I had been using BYP heavily for several years to cope with chronic sinusitis. It worked well and prevented reliance on dangerous antibiotics for sinus infections which came frequently with my Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Here's the kicker:  mercury causes sinusitis. Reminds me of a cartoon:  a rock with note tied to it tossed through a window, owner standing beside broken glass reads note:  "Window repair $15 call 555-1111."

Would be funny if not for the loss of function and quality of life for so many years that has resulted from being poisoned by mercury.

I did a mercury detox two years ago as part of EI/MCS treatment with an environmental doctor, also working with a Hielkunst homeopathist. In the year or two prior to that my regular non-holistic dentist had agreed to remove old amalgams (mercury and silver metal fillings) as they wore out and not to put any new mercury fillings in, although not supportive of the view that putting the most toxic substance on the planet in one's mouth makes people sick. My argument was that being so ill for so long warranted erring on the side of caution, remove the old fillings and stop using mercury for new ones, "just in case". A few years later that dental office no longer uses mercury amalgams in anyone.

What caused the change in policy? Did they see the University of Calgary short video of  research showing nerve damage in the presence of mercury? Or the one of mercury rising from rubbing a filling with a pencil eraser, produced by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology? These convinced me when the holist dentist (member IAOMT) showed it to me and gave me a folder of material to examine.

Being mercury poisoned is tiring. More later on what it is like to go through the detoxing of mercury with amalgam removal. I did a little dance today after discussing a detox protocol with my homeopathist - light at the end of the tunnel. Hurray!

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