Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gathering all the input from consultations this week with homeopath, naturopath, physician, making a list of supplements to buy to add to daily intake. Realized must do detox now for tooth removed by regular dentist a month ago. My mental dysfunction from mercury poisoning is significant, slow on the uptake, extremely forgetful, Alzheimers-like behaviour. I set alarms and forget when they go off that I set them for a reason, make notes to self and forget to read them . . .

Excited at the thought of putting all this behind me. Wondering if damages are reversible or will some issues remain? I have serious memory and concentration problems, muscle weakness and pain, balance issues beginning, emotional lability, chronic fatigue, many allergies and severe sensitivities, multiple organ disease (thyroid, pancreas, liver, skin, lungs).

Made appointment with dental toxicologist today who will be removing amalgams, will see her in a week from now, waiting to hear back re what her plan is. Preparing ahead of time with supplementation:  vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, probiotic, ayurvedic cleanse (triphala) and tea, epsom baths - all to detox and strengthen system to prepare for stress of removal and exposure to mercury during removal. Dr. McGuire explains supplements for mercury detox, I went over it all with my Naturopath and made a list of what to take in the pre-removal prep time. Things to nourish body,  things to bind mercury, things to flush it out.

The dental toxicologist uses special techniques, which regular dentists are not trained in and therefore do not provide maximum protection against inhalation of mercury vapour which is absorbed by the body and  poisonous in any amount -  so the specialist does things to minimize it:  providing separate fresh air source, oral dam so no bits go into the gut, ample water flushing. (See IAOMT page).

My lovely elderly Irish neighbour gave me his television converter so after months of no t.v. I got to watch my favourite show, the Mentalist, tonight. Fun. R & R. Important.  Tomorrow's another day.

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