Monday, 19 December 2011

Have decided to proceed with composite filling for a new cavity tomorrow, without the questionable testing by  naturopath-chiropractor (buccal currents, organ-mercury content, "biocompatibility"). For ten years I've had composites without any known trouble.

Will go very, very slowly with amalgam removal prioritizing by pain, as in one tooth now, and degree of amalgam corrosion, while continuing research on safe detox. My symptoms reflect both improvements with lessening of mercury load, and progression of brain symptoms associated with mercury toxicity so it's hard to sort out what is happening. On the one hand, clearing mercury with supplements, foods, triphala, epsom baths, seems to be giving me better energy and mood, less muscle pain/weakness/twitching/cramps and sinusitis. On the other hand, new symptoms keep appearing, dangerous, Alzheimer-like (memory loss, exceedingly forgetful, episodic incomprehension of speech and inability to express speech).

Will look for a medical specialist to help, maybe Poison Control centre can help, or pharmacist.  Naturopaths and chiropractors have limited training and I do not have full confidence in their art when it comes to something as serious as this, especially with people who are relying on the work of a man shown to have done egregious harm to his patients, even though belief in mercury toxicity from amalgams may be correct. There still has to be careful, honest, reproducible research to show the truth about effectiveness and safety of procedures. Unfortunately people arguing both sides of the debate are making blanket statements with no back-up evidence in some instances, so credibility is an issue all around; close scrutiny of statements and sober, objective judgment is necessary.

For now, continuing with vitamins, minerals, garlic, sulfur foods and supplement, coQ10, epsom baths. I am comfortable with these. Sinusitis is less troublesome - went to a party with scent-free friends 2 days ago, no major sinusitis today when it usually would occur, just a little "dopey" and tired, plus slept an extra few hours, as is typical. That's progress. But brain gaps occurring at the same time, e.g., putting things in the wrong place.

Onwards and upwards! It's almost Christmas and I'm happily preparing for a gentle, quiet celebration of knowing the Spirit of Truth, Peace and Love abides in our hearts, allowing that to guide my decisions.

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