Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yesterday had one large old amalgam replaced to repair a cavity in a tooth giving jolts of discomfort. The IAOMT dentist used tools to minimize exposure to mercury vapours:  a large vacuum in front of my face as well as suction in the mouth by her assistant, oxygen by nasal prongs, and an oral dam - piece of rubber over mouth. There were no problems and I am very happy to have one big chunk of mercury out of me.

Symptoms:  sudden high exposure to mercury vapor inhaled into the lung causes headaches, cough, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. It may also cause soreness of the mouth, loss of teeth, nausea, and diarrhea.

Following the procedure I took supplements including NAcetyl Cysteine 500 mg which can cause nausea and diarrhea (also took vitamin C 1 G, mineral complex, MSM sulfur, garlic, triphala).

So what caused the chest heaviness and gut trouble I had last night? The dental exposure at dentist's would be small, so I think it is NAC, will not take for now. An intermittent tremor in left forearm, mild sinus irritation, and edema starting to puff up legs, feet and a bit in hands - these I expect are mercury effects. I took lyphosot, a homeopathic diuretic used for years with good results - edema clears quickly. To help clear mercury am eating lots of fruits and vegetables (antioxidants!), emphasizing sulfur foods like cabbage, and taking espom baths as I did last night after procedure, drinking lots and lots of water to keep the kidneys flushing out the mercury. Also:

Current supplements:  garlic, sulfur (MSM), vitamin C (2 G/day), B complex, trace mineral complex, selenium (adding amounts in mineral complex so as not to exceed 200 mcg/day), calcium-magnesium (1:1, citrate, not constipating carbonate), coQ10, small dose (25 mg) alpha lipoic acid as it gave me insomnia and hyper/zoomy feeling in larger dose.

Ayurvedic tools:  triphala, spice tea, turmeric paste (cooked with water 8 minutes to make a paste, more digestible; black pepper sprinkled on a teaspoon of paste a.m. and eve to improve turmeric action, anti-inflammatory), nasal rinses (I use a neti pot, salt and baking soda, warm the water - fantastic results), then oil nares and ears (prevents rebound swelling in nares, reduces itchiness in ears; I use sweet almond oil), deep breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation, oiling skin when showering (oil for nerves. I have a Cayce remedy mix of oils including olive and peanut, called "Aura Glow").

re testing: When asked why I did not do the testing with the naturopath-chiropractor I explained it is too costly at over $300 for tests whose reliability is questionable, and since reactions to things can change day by day no "biocompatibility" test is any guarantee I won't react, so not worth paying for. The dentist said she was more concerned about the anesthetic ("freezing"), I assured her I've been using dental injections and topical freezing without difficulty for many years, so we proceeded without difficulty.

I would not get any info about the safety of drugs as far as allergies/sensitivities from these tests, which I believe are a useless very expensive waste of time and money that can give misleadingly false information about health status. Naturotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors are not trained or qualified to make medical diagnoses, to say whether you have or do not have certain diseases.

Marketing tricks can include using technical terms that overwhelm people unfamiliar with it. Fancy equipment can look impressive without actually doing anything useful. Remember the Wizard of Oz? an ordinary man  hiding behind a big facade using microphone amplification, a false voice, and explosive fireworks to manipulate people into believing he had special powers and therefore was qualified to direct them. In reality he was just a lost person lacking the courage and knowledge to find his way home.But the idolizing childlike little munchkins treated him like a king, bestowing riches and authority totally unwarranted. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

Fresh snow today, feels like Christmas - happy. Now to call Poison Control Centre.

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