Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Phone appointment today with the environmental doctor whose "bedside manner" is unfortunately abrupt, impatient and harsh. There are not a lot of specialists in this field so not many options of where to go for help, but I do not intend to return to this one. The illness is stressful enough without caregiver adding to the burden with an unsympathetic, hurried, unfriendly, disrespectful attitude. I came well prepared for the discussion and was not dissuaded but I pity the patients who do not understand as well how to ask the right questions and not be put off by answers that are either vague, incomplete or like pulling teeth to get.

The information re detox he gave is, the detoxamine chelator he tried with me in 2009,  which I had to stop due to a bad reaction of extreme edema (fluid puffing) in my hands and feet,  is for lead and cadmium. DMSA and DMPS (get used to acronyms!) are the ones used for mercury.

Here is the non-specific detox I've been doing for four years:

1)  with Environmental Doctor:  a capsule complex including multivitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, chelators NAC and r-alpha lipoic acid, antioxidants; this combined with homeopathic liver drainage 3x/yr; one attempt as above, detoxamine suppositories unable to complete treatment. Probiotic, too (acidophilus).

2)  with Hielkunst homeopathist, weekly then daily remedies for detox, as well as monthly or so remedies for timeline traumas (specific powders to remove effects of medicines, vaccinations, emotional and physical hurts, done chronologically).

3) nutritional "detox": less junk food, more cleansing, nourishing food:  green smoothies, lots of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, organic food, keep the bowels moving well with fibre and lots of water -also to flush kidneys, work up a sweat exercising regularly (not too successful with that part, exercise intolerance and injuries, low energy and sensitivities preventing class or gym use, but I do walk a lot, bicycle, garden).

4) This year, reflexology to improve lymph and organ circulation, pedal edema decreased right away and it feel so wonderful to get feet massaged!)

5) Various forms of energy medicine (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Body Talk, Psych K)

More specific detox for heavy metals:  in 2009 as noted above, while doing a homeopathic heavy metals remedy which led to a powerful emotional release. Concurrently used cilantro extract ("to draw the mercury out of the cells") and tried chlorella ("to bind it in the gut for removal") but also reacted badly with edema to that (current dental toxicologist says she does see chlorella problems with some patients).

Nothing was ever said about mercury specifically by the Environmental Dr. His health assessment and list of stressors for Environmental Illness, given in his new patients info package, is extensive (sulfites, formaldehyde, etc.) but not one word about mercury or amalgams or dentistry at all. No mention of the most poisonous substance on earth as a possible cause of chronic illness. Conspicuous by its absence. What is it with this denial of mercury poisoning in our society? Are professionals really willing to let people get terribly sick or go insane ("Mad as a Hatter" = people used it to make felt hats, fumes destroy mental health) and not say anything about it? Is 25 years or more of my life so disposable?

I feel sick about it. And my head aches from the latest sinus flareup. Time for TLC and R&R - happy acronyms. 'Bye for now.

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