Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good news re lab results, blood sugars ok, liver and kidney function ok, lipid profile (cholesterol, fats) not worse than it has been, possible thyroid issues, TSH levels doubled in the past few months (rises as thryoid fails; already on medication for ten years). So basically my organs are holding their own, this is good news. In June some protein was passing thru kidneys which is a sign of damage so glad to see that has not progressed.

Talked 50 minutes by phone with my Naturopathic doctor, reviewed detox options (DMSA vs others), testing options:  blood, urine; sent fecal heavy metals test Monday - for a "before" picture of how much mercury being excreted with amalgams still in, then afterwards will retest to see the difference once they are gone. Can't wait to see! This is the preferred test by the dental toxicologist who will be removing the amalgams, she showed me another client's graph, huge decline in mercury output after removal of fillings. I am waiting to hear from her after she gets xrays from my old dentist and goes over my info - four page symptom list I filled out in the hour-long consultation last Monday. She put a camera-on-a-stick in my mouth and showed me the backsides of my teeth (shocking - mercury leaching, fissures, cracks, amalgams so corroded the surface is orange-peel texture, gums receding, acidity wearing enamel). We viewed the youtube 'smoking mercury' video linked to in my "Day One" blog, blew me away. For years my dentist has assured me that mercury fillings are safe, it does not escape the teeth. All the while my health eroded along with amalgams' integrity.

Back to the naturopath this morning - a very helpful discussion going over supplements options. I have so many allergies and sensitivities that it's a minefield trying to take any new products, have to proceed uber-carefully. So I will start with safe ones, Kyolic garlic and vitamin C for now. Already take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, omega 3 oil, vit D (tested very low a couple of years ago, now on 2000 u/day summer, 4000 winter, and use an S.A. D. light from October to spring). Have a better understanding of minerals and why some products are better than others, having to do with how the body absorbs them and what agents are used to 'bind' them to make a pill or powder. Taking supplements is not something I will do without expert (not salesmen's) advice, creating mineral imbalances is dangerous because they work in teeny amounts very powerfully, the body's balance is delicately maintained, I don't want to throw it off by taking substances I do not understand.

We reviewed my various supplements to be sure we know the total amounts I'm taking of things like magnesium, which binds well to mercury. In recent months increasing trouble with muscle twitches, cramps, painful spasms and other pains especially when reacting to fragrances, has led me to look at magnesium levels, commonly a culprit with muscle issues, also can be related to thryroid malfunction; needs to be balanced with calcium. Am happy now with current regimen. It makes sense that if mercury attaches itself to magnesium my muscles would suffer from relative unavailability of it.

The dental toxicologist as well as the naturopath tell me foods high in sulfur bind mercury to eliminate it via intestines, so at grocery store this morning (beside allopathic doctor's office where I dropped by to pick up copies of  lab results, happening to mention in passing to him as he walked by, that I now know why I've been sick for 25 years . . . "Could be", he said. He's been my GP for must be close to ten years.), bought some avocado, brussel sprouts, spinach. Healing can be yummy and fun, too! That's my positive thought for the day. Plus, I'm over the moon at finally knowing the cause of this 25-year long ordeal. Praise God, hallelujah! :-)  Life is good. 'Bye for now.

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