Saturday, 17 December 2011

Some serious considerations counter the claim that removal of amalgams is necessary or beneficial. My research continues, it's a see-saw right now! Will not proceed before it is all as clear as possible, allowing for the fact that some things simply are not yet known. Just because there is no evidence yet of something doesn't mean it does not exist. And just because someone believes strongly in something does not mean it is true (esp. when they make money from it).

Today, I added supplements I consider safe, regardless of toxicity/removal question:  a trace mineral complex and a calcium-magnesium to replace the one I was using which I think was having a constipating effect. There are a variety of ways to take ca-mg so finding the right one is important, as too much calcium can cause kidney stones and calcification, for example. I spoke with a pharmacist to choose the best one for me. I need the minerals now because I stopped the multivitamin/mineral complex I was using for a long time, as when I researched each ingredient I found things I'm allergic to (milk and citrus). Previously I didn't know what was in it, just trusted the doctor to give me what was best without verifying it -that is a mistake.

I am using alternative vitamins, holding off on chelators (NAC, r-alpha-lipoic acid) for now, til I learn more about the question of whether chelating is safe while amalgams are still in, and to find out what is causing insomnia this week. Is it a new supplement, or is it that chelators are bringing mercury into circulation and the mercury is doing it? When I lost a large amount of weight therefore possibly got a bolus of mercury released from storage, in 1988, very severe insomnia for two years was horrible and dangerous to physical and mental health, will not take a chance on that.

Staying on the safe side.

I've been adding too many new elements at the same time, need to just do one at a time and wait a few days to see how I react. Patience! Make haste slowly. Fortunately, info is easy to access on internet. Unfortunately, myriad pages to wade through and many obviously profit-oriented ones and pseudo-science that requires close scrutiny.

Here is why it is serious:  when the dentist who invented some of these tests and procedures had his licence revoked, part of the reason was:  When faced with these serious diseases, it is no wonder patients are willing to grasp at any hope of improvement and turn to [him] for miraculous improvements he promises. The debilitating nature of diseases for which [he] offers treatment and desperate straits of a number of his patients, combined with a lack of any scientific basis for treatments he offers, make [his] conduct particularly egregious. [He] has taken advantage of the hope of his patients for an easy fix to medical problems and used this to develop a lucrative business for himself.

... diagnostic techniques and treatments offered are scientifically unsupported, without clinical justification, and outside the practice of dentistry. . .
. . . protocols he developed thus provide care which does not meet generally accepted standards of dental practice and, in many cases, is grossly negligent. . .  
all patients suffered financially, some also physically or emotionally . . .

encouraging D.A. to believe in her son's wish that she sell her wheelchair, is so out of proportion to any benefit which could be anticipated that it is cruel

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