Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Still slogging through the supplements maze, mental haziness makes it challenging  - confusion, forgetting, hard to retain new info. This morning another phone consult with Naturopathic doctor helped sort it out.

Discovered the detox supplement I've been taking for four years via Environmental Doctor has citrus and dairy elements, both of which I'm very allegic to. Could explain chronic ear trouble, swollen glands and low grade depression. I stopped it on Monday, today is Wed., and even though I was out for the evening Monday night I had NO SINUSITIS today! That is a miracle, first time in many many years that exposures have not caused crippling sinusitis by day two afterwards. Sore muscles only, and tiredness.

I am so happy. To know the cause and to be starting to feel some improvement, even before amalgams are all out, just one out a month ago - must've been a leaky one, because my energy is much better since.

Had another lovely epsom bath yesterday, doing them every two days. A rash that had been developing the last few months melted away once I started the baths, now gone. Yay magnesium!

Replacing the previous detox supplement with its components is my task now:  multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chelators. The dental specialist uses Dr. Tom McGuire's protocol as a guideline, I'm tweaking to accommodate my sensitivities.  Fortunately there is a great supplier nearby, plus others if need be. Unfortunately it adds up quickly. Spent over $100 the other day on a few bottles.

Added MSM (sulfur) today -mercury binds to it. Dental toxicologist gave a list of sulfur-containing foods to eat to help pass mercury through bowels:  avocado, beans, broccoli, brown rice, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs, garlic, turnips, sprouts, onions, etc. And I use triphala daily to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Tomorrow see dental surgeon (toxicologist), to be sure I'm preparing for amalgam removal properly with detox supplements, and to get samples of the composites she uses to fill cavities to take to yet another doctor for testing for sensitivities, since I have so many.

All whilst starting to get Christmas preps underway. I love Christmas.

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