Saturday, 10 December 2011

This morning, reacted to n-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) as warned on the label and by naturopath, it can be toxic, had diarrhea. The store only had 250mg size, vs. Dr. McGuire's recommendation is 100 mg 3x/day, so that was not wise to take such a big dose. Decision making and judgment, as well as memory and concentration, are affected by mercury.  Will split NAC up, try 50 mg, see if I tolerate that. It's important to have cysteine levels adequate to take chlorella, I read somewhere, and chlorella is crucial according to some to bind mercury in gut to eliminate it; altho my naturopath thinks it is not a good chelator. It must be "broken cell" chlorella another note by a patient says. Once ok with NAC will try a small, dilute dose of chlorella. My dental toxicologist said some patients have trouble with it, as I did once.

Last time (2009) I tried a heavy metals detox, when I started chlorella edema hugely puffed up my hands and feet, so discontinued that, but I don't think I did it properly, maybe took 1000 mg tablets without diluting them. With brain injuries from mercury I don't always follow directions well, get confused and forgetful, so this time writing everything down on a schedule and will chart when doses taken so I know it is done, plus note reactions. Gee, like a nurse! Training comes in handy :-).

Moral of the story:  do your research, know what you are taking and how to do it right, follow directions carefully! Do not depend on your memory, write out what, when, use a drug dispensing box, is what I do. That way I know for sure I took it because it's gone! Monitor symptoms closely and do not dismiss it when something is off or seems odd, these are signs from the body telling you what is happening, some may be subtle. Report problems promptly to caregivers and do not let them ignore you. Earlier this year had some "subtle" weird things happen, like people speaking to me and I could not understand them, gobbledeegook. This happens to people having strokes or related "transient ischemic attacks", TIAs. When I told my doctor he minimized it, but now knowing the mercury situation, I believe it was a mercury effect. Similarly he had trouble registering "pitting edema" in my legs for the past couple of years because that is usually only seen in people like old heavy smokers with severe damage from years of abuse, young people do not have pitting edema. Generally. Now I know:  mercury. The signs over the years all make sense now. I predict it will become a much more commonly seen event as society wakes up to the fact that amalgams are poisoning people.

There have been several episodes since then of either incomprehension of speech or inability to formulate speech when I want to say something. Scary. Please be reversible! Mercury erodes neurons which every single activity in the body needs in order to function - blood vessels, muscles, organs, brain, every single cell is vulnerable. It is like a bully taking over the space where a good nutrient should be, crowding it out so necessary work does not get done, things malfunction everywhere and in acute, severe cases people die. See Minamata disease (get out the kleenex), in the '50s a chemical company in Japan killed thousands dumping toxic waste into water where people ate the fish. Then the company lied and denied for decades to avoid liability.

I kept my emails from detox attempt 2009, so was able to learn from those lessons and reviewed the experience this week with my Hielkunst homeopathist.  Her approach to heavy metals detox is:  chelation as done allopathically can be harsh on the body, the alternative is to, first, detox with homeopathic powders -she makes a set of 3 or 4 which I take over that many days, results can be powerful, a "healing crisis" comes usually in a week to ten days. At the same time I take a liquid detox remedy one drop a day until about 3 weeks after starting powders, by then the powders' healing reaction kicks in, I keep taking the daily dropper until that subsides. Concurrent with those remedies, cilantro extract (available at health food stores) diluted in water so it does not irritate stomach (4-5 drops in a glass of warm water sipped 2x/day) draws the mercury out of the brain, and chlorella (also in health food stores) to eliminate it through the gut, diluted in a litre of water and sipped through the day. Meanwhile a total of at least 2 litres water a day has to be drunk to keep flushing out the toxins; this is very, very important. You don't want to pull the mercury out of the cells then have it resettle there for lack of elimination - bowels and kidneys must flow well. Saunas good, too.

Brain, lungs, kidney and skin are especially vulnerable to mercury, I've read. At the same time as my thyroid and pancreas showed signs of damage I also developed psoriasis, that started ten years ago. Lately I've had a little rash just under my nose. After beginning epsom baths last week on my naturopath's advice (every other day 2-3 cups in warm tub for 20 minutes then rinsed off - that's important - and watch out for dizziness signifying blood pressure drop, hydrate with a big glass of filtered water before and after) -- after starting that,  noticed the rash is fading. And my skin feels lovely, soft and silky. And the baths are yummy. . .:)

For years I've not been able to tolerate our building's common laundry room because fabric softeners  pollute the air and make me very ill (even outside, have to cross the street near laundry vents). So I do laundry in my bathtub, it's always full of buckets and things hanging everywhere to dry (try washing bedsheets in your bathroom . . .) - hence, no baths in a long, long time. I missed them! Plus I have the coolest little "spa" pad that makes bubbles for a mini-hot-tub effect. So fun! and feels great. I'm happy to be doing that again.

Now for Christmas wrapping and writing and radio regaling (Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap CBC radio one).
My choir friends are singing their hearts out tonight to a sold out house (1100 seats) at the magnificent Dominion Chalmers church. This is the first time in eight years I've not been with them, fragrances in such a large crowd would make me too ill. I used to go and pay the price, thinking I had to learn to live with Environmental Sensitivities the way one lives with allergies. Now I understand this is mercury reacting with chemicals, and now I no longer have the tainted medicine to cure sinusitis (since Bi Yan Pian was recalled due to high mercury levels), I must avoid exposures. "Break a leg" BSP! I know you will blow the audience away and bring warmth and love to hungry hearts.

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